CAD $ 34.99 SONAX Polymer Net Shield

Quantity : 210 ml


Non-wax paint sealer offering hybrid protection for up to 6 months. Protects the paint with a resistant network of organic and inorganic materials. Offers intensive color restoration and excellent water repellency. The adhesion of dust, dirt and insects is reduced, making cleaning easier.



  1. Use on a cool, dry, freshly cleaned vehicle
  2. Spray small amount of Sonax Polymer Net Shield on an application sponge (Recommend Sonax 417300 Application Sponge)
  3. Working in small sections, apply the product to the paint’s surface in even, straight strokes
  4. Allow the product to cure (1 to 2 minutes)
  5. Once cured, gently buff the area with a clean, premium microfiber towel (Recommend Sonax 450800 Microfiber Drying Cloth)
  6. Continue to the next section of the vehicle and follow the same procedure
  7. Vehicle surface will be water resistant in as little as 1 hour after application

Brand : SONAX
MFG Part # : SE223100
Price : CAD $ 34.99

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