Spark plug FSI / TFSI FR5KPP332S / PFR8S8EG

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CAD $ 13.50 Spark plug FSI / TFSI FR5KPP332S / PFR8S8EG

Spark plug FSI / TFSI FR5KPP332S / PFR8S8EG #06H 905 611 / #101 905 611G

Watch carefully the informations below!

This plug is 1 heat range cooler than the FR6KPP332S (#06H 905 601A).

These plugs can be used interchangeably with NGK PFR8S8EG (#101 905 611G) on the following vehicles with build dates up to 10.01.2011:

11+ A6Q 3.0T (CCAA)
11+ Q7 3.0T (CJWC)
11+ S4 3.0T (CCBA)
11+ S5 Cabrio 3.0T (CCBA)

For these vehicles, with build dates after 10.01.2011, #101 905 611G must be used.

Brand : BOSCH
MFG Part # : 06H905611
Price : CAD $ 13.50

This product may not fit all the vehicles listed. Please make sure it is the right part for your application or contact us for more information.

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